The undersigned parties do hereby warranty and/or guarantee all work executed by the Contractor: Let There Be Light

To be free from defects of materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from substantial completion:

It is further understood that the consideration for giving of this warranty and / or guaranty is the payment in full for the services described in the contract and installed by Let There Be Light.

The undersigned parties further agree that they will, at their own expense, repair or replace all such defective work and materials listed below (Section A Warranty Items) with regards to the installation of the lanai lighting system due to Acts Of God or work done by other trades after installation that damages the components described in this warranty. Repair of said components in Section A will be performed on a time and material basis.

Any work or materials incidental or not related to the contract is not covered under this warranty. If the exterior outlet GFI or standard that is used to power the installed system is found to be defective, or stops working after installation, and therefore causes the installed system to stop working, the client will be responsible for the repair or replacement. Warranty is voided due to Acts of God.  Warranty does not transfer to new homeowner or renters.

Section (A) Warranty Items 

  • Linear Fixture

  • Profile Fixture

  • Profile Diffusers

  • Up/Down Fixture

  • Down Fixture

  • Remote

  • Relay(s)

  • WiFi Bridge

  • Power Supply(s)

  • All wiring